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What is reverie?

A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

"Reverie as a counterbalance of resignation, leading us back to a place of balance. It is the state of being pleasantly lost in our imagination."

With reverie, we want to provide people with a tool that can be applied in daily life. 

Why the Reverie Station?


At the Reverie Station we want to encourage you to take time for pause and reverie in your daily life. It is an initiative that aims to share these moments, giving people inspiration to find their own ‘sweet spot’ of reverie. 

As more people share, the more people we impact.


What is the sweet spot

Reverie has to be free and honest which also means the way to find it is very individual. Often we find reverie in situations where the mind and senses are free to explore. The moment when you find your moment of reverie is what we like to call hitting the ‘sweet spot’. It immerses you fully, turning the world off outside of you, inspiring your most precious ideas.

Start with our recording

We explain the concept and talk about our experiences finding reverie. 


The Reverie Station is an initiative to help inspire others to find their “sweet spot” of reverie.

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